How to Wear a Feather Bow Tie for a Special Occasion

When it comes to men’s formalwear, you could say that very little has changed after decades of fashion innovation. Bowties remain one of the classiest and most sophisticated fashion accessories that a man can wear, designed to compliment the sleek contours of the shirt collar, and leave him looking perfectly attired for almost any occasion.

One thing that has changed though are the kinds of bowtie you can choose from. Gone are the days when you are told whether the event you are attending is a black tie or a white tie occasion. Instead you can now express your individuality and personality by choosing from bow ties in a range of colours, fabrics and materials. One of the newest and most innovative of these is the feather bowtie. Delicately constructed from feathers plucked from a wide range of different birds, and often dyed into a rainbow of colours, these fashion-forward bow ties are designed to make a statement. But how do you wear them? Here are some top tips on how you can wear a feather bow tie for almost any occasion:

To A Wedding

Feathered bow ties make perfect wedding wear. When wearing black tie, most men look very similar, and whilst there will always be small differences in the cut and fit of their tuxedo or the colour of their cufflinks, the type of bowtie they choose is really the only meaningful way they can express their individuality. A feather bowtie will ensure that your outfit stands out for all the right reasons. Choose your tie in a colour that will compliment your dates outfit for a coordinated and fashion-forward look that is sure to turn heads.

Remember that feather bowties aren’t just for wedding guests either; there is no better way to ensure your wedding party looks dapper than with a feather bow tie! What would look more sophisticated and make a bigger statement than a wall of handsome men in matching feather bow ties?

To the Office

Feathered bow ties are like a wearable piece of art, and if you work in a creative industry then that means they are a great way to express your personality and your unique creative flair. It doesn’t matter whether you aspire to a dapper style (teaming your bowtie with a skinny tweed suit and fitted crisp white shirt) or a more low-key hipster-inspired look (teaming your bowtie with a more low key coloured shirt and your favourite skinny jeans) what is important is that you let the bowtie be the star of the show.

Keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral in colour and style, and ensure you team your bow tie with a shirt that is in one block, plain colour. If you opt for a vibrant and patterned shirt then the detail in your tie will be lost and disappear in the background.

To Your Graduation

Graduation season is upon us, and if you want to inject a fashion-forward edge into your look, whilst still wearing an outfit your parents would approve of, then why not wear a feather bow tie? Sure to attract the attention of your class mates for all the right reasons, whilst the feather bow tie is rising in popularity, it’s still unique enough that it turns heads.

Why not order a tie in your school colours to really get people talking? Pair with a crisp white shirt and a pair of dark pants so that you are still adhering to a conventional graduation outfit, whilst giving your overall look a thoroughly modern twist.