Our Story

We are Vertiex. We are a handmade feather bow tie brand. We are a Hong Kong based company. And more than anything, we are a bunch of bow tie fanatics.

Our name, Vertiex, is taken from the geometry term vertex. Vertex is the point where two lines interact, and two vertex figures are exactly a bow tie . We put "tie" in "vertex", and a delightful encounter kicks in when bow tie crosses paths with feathers, and when our Vertiex bow tie crosses paths with you.

Our story began a few years ago when we try to find a perfect bow tie, (something unique and exclusive, something one of a kind ) for our own wedding. Yet our quest for a bow tie on par with our standard was fruitless. So then we thought, what's the better way other than making one ourselves? And hence our journey continues. That particular experience has sparked our passion in bow ties. Then, we were profoundly fascinated by the indefinite possibilities in bow ties. The quintessence of its geometric shape is simple yet powerful, and the beauty and gracefulness of bow tie varies greatly on materials used.

We had experimented with all sorts of materials, but feathers stood out and remained our favorite. We greatly admire the beauty and gracefulness of birds. The unique structure, the natural glow, and the colors of a bird's feather could not be found in other substances; a feather is so irreplaceable, that nothing artificial can achieve. Birds and their fascinating feathers are no doubt gifts from nature. With feathers and bow ties, we see a universe of infinite beauty. We want to share that with the world, and most importantly, with you.

We want everyone to indulge in the elegancy of feather bow ties just like we do. We may not live in a perfect world, but in Vertiex, we hope you can find the perfect bow tie that belongs to you.


Our Promises

We promise originality, uniqueness and premium quality.

We are in charge of every process: design, production, packaging, etc. We personally take care of every detail. Our products are creatively designed and made with sophisticated craftsmanship, each feather is hand-selected with extra care to retain its original beauty. Every single one of our bow tie is unique, we guarantee you there is no other same bow tie in the entire world.


We promise to minimize waste and do our very best to make sure every process is eco-friendly.

All our bow ties are made with natural-fall feathers and PU leather, a substitute for real leather without having any animals harmed. We care for the wellness of the environment and nature, just as much as we care for our bow ties.


We promise that our bow ties are exclusively produced in Hong Kong.

We value quality over everything. In Hong Kong, we have the advantage of finding the perfect equilibrium between quality and cost. Therefore we can offer you our top quality handmade bow ties with competitive price.


We promise secure and speed delivery.

We only use trust-worthy carriers with express service to reduce any risks as much as possible. We emphasize on excellent delivery service because we also understand how annoying it would be to wait forever, only to finds out your package was lost in delivery or damaged by irresponsible courier. We hope nothing more than having our precious bow tie safely handed over to you promptly.


We promise to serve you with respect and without any bias.

Our bow ties are made adjustable and for all ages and genders. No matter how junior or senior you are, or which gender you identify yourself with, our bow tie will suit you perfectly. Don't let stereotypes define you, because we never did.


We promise to provide satisfaction for every customer.

We understand everyone's need is different. Therefore we provide thorough customized service along with customer service. Should you have any enquiry, suggestion or dissatisfaction, you may simply tell us without any hesitation. Email us on a business day and a reply is guaranteed within 48 hours.