Five Reasons Feather Bow Ties Make Perfect Gifts

It’s no secret that we love feather bow ties. They’re fun, sophisticated, elegant and fashion-forward. We think that feather bow ties are the perfect choice is you want to make a statement for any formal occasion and turn heads for all the right reasons.

Do you love our bow ties too, but simply can’t decide if they’d make a good gift? Finding the perfect gift for the men in your live can be difficult. But if you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special man in your life, then here are five reasons why feather bow ties are the ideal choice:   

They Last Forever

Whilst the feather itself may be a relatively flimsy and delicate object, combining hundreds of feathers and weaving them together will create a bowtie that will last forever. Because they are constructed using all-natural materials, we are proud at the long life span our bow ties have. He will be able to wear it again and again, keeping it as a treasured memento of happy days and nights. What better reflection of your love than a gift that, like it, will never die?

They’re Perfect for Creative Souls

If the man in your life is a fashionista and you love his unique sense of style, then why not show him? A feather bow tie is the ideal gift to help him turn any ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one. Feather bow ties aren’t just for dapper guys either; even guys that wouldn’t normally wear a bow tie with their day to day outfits would love to have something high end, fashion-forward and distinctive to wear for weddings and other black-tie events. And if you haven’t sealed the deal with that engagement ring yet, it might even give him the push he needs to start thinking about his own wedding plans!

Each Piece is Unique

Because every feather is unique, like a fingerprint, that means that each bow tie we create is also totally unique. Although they may be similar in their style and design, no two pieces we make are exactly the same. We all want to buy our loved ones something that is as special and individual as they are, which is why choosing a gift unlike any other you can choose is such a great option.

They’re High Quality

If your man has high standards has high standards and only wears the very finest in quality and construction then our feather bow ties remain a great gift. We are proud of the high quality of the feather bow ties that we create. Each one is crafted from the finest bird feathers, and presented beautifully, leaving you with a gift you can be truly proud to give.

You Can Coordinate It to Your Favourite Dress

What better way to show the world that you belong together than by buying your man a gift that perfectly coordinates with your favourite evening dress? No matter how far you are apart, your coordinating outfits and accessories will serve as a permanent reminder of each other. Whether you’re attending a family wedding, a graduation ball, or another black-tie event together, a feather bow tie that will coordinate with your outfit is sure to be a well-received gift.